Sydnei Fryson

Sydnei Fryson grew up in West Virginia where she eventually attended Hampton University. She majored in journalism but was still wondering in what particular industry for journalism she wanted to pursue for a career.   Hampton University hosted a NASCAR “Drive for Diversity” Combine in 2014 and that is where Sydnei got the interest in motorsports.

She learned that Rev Racing had an internship program and she applied. The summer of 2015 was life changing for her as she interned at Rev Racing in Concord, NC. There she was exposed to the operations behind a NASCAR Race team and all that it entails. She worked under the direction of Christy Gormal, Chief Marketing Director for Rev Racing. She was given the responsibility of writing stories for social media, traveling to races and handling the “live” social media as well as coordinating the media obligations with the drivers on the team.

“My experience being an intern at Rev Racing was the best summer I’ve ever had. I had the opportunity to work alongside other professionals in the motorsports industry. It was literally “on the job training” and I feel that it was invaluable experience to get me where I am today. I cannot thank Max Siegel enough for starting this youth foundation where young people like me are exposed to all the potential careers that are out there in sports and entertainment”

Sydnei loved working in the motorsports industry so much that she has now progressed into a fulltime career. She is currently the Manager of Social Media and Digital Marketing with Roush Fenway Racing in Concord, NC.


​Walter Thomas

Walter Thomas is a young man who first met Max Siegel in 2010 at the age of 12 years old.

The community in Indianapolis gave an award to Max and Walter was chosen to present it.

This meeting started a friendship and mentorship that has lasted thru the years.

Walter was introduced to racing as a child by his father.  His father had a racecar for the first three years of Walters young life and even at this young age, it was enough to put the love of racing in Walters heart. It was in his blood and his desire to race was evident.   Walter focused and with his father’s support and the guidance and input from Max, he became a great driver. He ended up racing in a Bandolero (a development car for young kids being introduced to the sport) for about two years, and with last year being one of the best years in his racing career. He ended up with lots of trophies and plaques, and was awarded by ”NASCAR” at the 5th annual NASCAR Diversity Awards Luncheon. He also raced INEX Legends race cars as well as the limited late model division in the 2013 season at Anderson Speedway.

Even with all of those great accomplishments on the track, Walter knew he needed to grow into a responsible young man, not just a great driver. He leaned on Max for guidance and second to his father, looked to Max’s example in how he led his life both personally and professionally.  In Walters’ seventh grade year he was granted with the highest award possible in school. The award was for the student with the best attitude, academic performance and passion towards his/her work. He credits his relationship with Max Siegel for helping to instill those values and work ethic in him.

Walter is currently in college studying for Motorsports Management, but has kept racing thru the years. He raced in US Legends and plans to move forward to late models.  As he is looking for sponsorship, he credits what he has learned from Max as being not only a great driver sponsors look for but a man of integrity and responsibility that would make any sponsor proud to be represented by.

“I call Max, the “Berry Gordy of Motorsports” because there is absolutely no one better to guide you if you want a career in racing or the entertainment industry.  Whether it be a driver or behind the scenes, I would highly suggest you get involved with the Max Siegel Youth Foundation. Max has impacted my life and helped to mold me into the young man I am today. He has taught me how to navigate the challenges of this industry and I am thankful for the mentorship and the friendship he has extended to me and my father thru the years” — Walter Thomas


2011 Track Champion at Speedrome
2011 State Points Champion Indiana Outlaw Asphalt
2012 Young Racer Award NASCAR Diversity Awards