Max understands from personal experience that hard work leads to success. Every child should succeed, but the harsh reality is that some children and teenagers will never have the opportunities to investigate their full potential based on hardship or limitations in their lives. Whether the restriction is based on financial hardship, lack of parental support or general logistical issues, we plan to support the youth of our community with several levels of scholarships and to give back to those participants who show potential, dedication, passion and perseverance. These scholarships will range from tuition at the MSI Sports and Entertainment Academy to college tuition assistance. Each circumstance will be evaluated independently.


We place a large focus on creating future career opportunities. Our internship program will be created to not only educate and prepare these participants for the professional world, but provide access into some of the most successful businesses and corporations in the nation. The knowledge and exposure we hope to provide to these children and teenagers will make them an asset to any industry as their career and professional aspirations grow.

If you are interested in an opportunity to be an intern, please submit a one page document with a brief history about yourself and why you would like to be selected. Email this document to [email protected]


Our belief in fostering educational and spiritual growth through engagement and inspiration will be accomplished through summer camps and year-round seminars which will be enriched with inspirational discussions led by some of the industry’s most respected professionals, athletes and artists. Children and teens will participate in several organized activities that give them hands-on experience in the sports and entertainment industry. With Max’s connections to NASCAR and the racing industry, participants will have the chance to drive simulators, try on race suits, drive on a partnering go-kart track and learn about media and crewmember development responsibilities. We will also have a video and editing hub, which will allow students to create their own videos of their experiences at the foundation.


Max Siegel and his wife Jennifer are both professionals who understand the need of a good education to have a great foundation in life. The Max and Jennifer Siegel Foundation provides grants, academy-learning opportunities and mentorship to inspire and help guide young people to brighter futures and meaningful careers that touch the lives of families and the community at large. They view education, relationship skills, and the support of family as critical for success in life. If you are a young person who is in need of assistance and mentorship, please fill out the application and return it to [email protected].